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Are there any babes better than our beautiful girls? If there are, we haven’t seen them. In fact, we’re so confident that these ladies amongst the capital’s finest that we have no problem telling everyone we know. We promise you this: if you come for one of our ladies, you certainly won’t be disappointed. They’re sure to fulfil all of your fantasies and make you feel on top of the world, so don’t worry about anything except seeing them and having fun. That’s all you need to do, really, if you want to have a great time. Our hundreds of satisfied customers will tell you that, and confirm that we’re more than just pretty words. We deliver on all of our promises and that means satisfaction if pretty much guaranteed.

So what is it about these escorts in Stratford that makes us so confident? Well, their looks for one thing. You’ll seldom find babes as stunningly beautiful as these, and when you do you can bet that they won’t be available. After all, getting babes of this quality on a regular basis is almost impossible for most fellas. They don’t realise that these types of girls only go where the money and the power is. For the everyday man, they seem to be some kind of unattainable beauty that no one man can even hope to acquire. If he wants to be with a babe like that, he is going to need to be very lucky indeed. Most of them have written off their chances of ever getting a Stratford escort.

There’s more to these babes than a pretty face though. Many of them are elite ladies in their own rights. They certainly may look good but their primary appeal comes from their incredible charm and charisma. They can make any man feel like he is on top of the world in a matter of moments. Your own personal relaxation and enjoyment is an obvious benefit of hiring such ladies, but think about the effect that Stratford escorts could have on your coworkers or friends. You take them along as a date, and within a few minutes everyone is casting envious looks at you, trying to fathom how you could have landed such an incredible girl.

Growing Influence

Of course, a few years ago this might not have been such a big thing in Stratford. The area wasn’t exactly popular and those that lived here found themselves wishing that they could closer to central or further out in one of the suburbs. That way they could enjoy the benefits of quality ladies instead of the sad service they had in their own location.

Then the summer games came along and changed everything. Suddenly, getting a Stratford escort didn’t mean a trip to the dodgy side of town and hurriedly exchange of cash. Quality agencies like us pitched up and created a whole new environment. The influx of money into the area made it more viable for elite organisations to come here, and made the best ladies in the capital consider the move. There were plenty of tourists looking for a beautiful guide, so we weren’t exactly struggling to find clients for our Stratford escorts, that’s for sure. Between them and the businessmen that took an interest in the area, we could barely keep up! There was such demand that many ladies from other areas of the city came here in order to make sure everyone got satisfied and not clients were left out. The result was a surge in quality, quantity and general prevalence of the local working girls. For the inhabitants of the area, it was a dream come true.
Suddenly, they had the best of the best on their doorstep. They didn’t have to worry about anything other than coming home from work and seeing a gorgeous escort on their doorstep. It wasn’t a case of travelling or having to take less than the best, it was just pure bliss. It couldn’t last though, everyone thought, as when the games left it would all go back to normal. The local fellas relished their chances whilst they could.

An Area Reborn

Except, it did. If you want to get an escort in Stratford now, you’ll find them to be quite wonderful. They’re still at that incredible level that they were in 2012, some may even say better. So how has this miracle been achieved? Well, a large part of it is due to the location’s renewed vigour. Head to Stratford these days and it’s all glass and steel, a shopping complex that dominates the entirety of the east of the capital. People actually travel to be here now, rather than having to hop on public transport to get to their local amenities. Dare we say it, the area is well known and desirable now.

That’s a part of it but honestly we’ve done our work too. We didn’t want to see the area slip back down again and so we’ve retained many of the beauties that came due to the demands of the games. We know that having access to lovely ladies is a great reason for many to keep going, even when their lives are going poorly. We know that nothing is better than coming home after a hard day and knowing that in a few hours you’ll be feeling on top of the world. So we’ve worked hard to keep the girls that can make that little fantasy come true.

The Hottest Escorts in Stratford

Of course, now these ladies want to stay. They’re in such heavy demand that we even now struggle to keep up sometimes. After all, we have to balance our incredibly high standards with the demands of the people, leading to long searches for suitable girls. Working for us isn’t easy: you need to be the best of the best. Our clients rely on this level of service and we always deliver without fail.