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Aldgate escorts

When we talk about Aldgate escorts, most people nod sagely. They think of the area, of its heavy links to the banking sector and their minds fly to a certain film about that industry. They think of a dozen girls attending the biggest parties, where money and champagne flow freely. They think of babes making a fuss of CEOs and rewarding the busy worker bees for their constant toil. They think of vodka and sequinned bras, of lace and whiskey after hours. That riotous, party atmosphere that most of us can only dream of. They imagine that only those high fliers can afford to see top escorts in Aldgate and indulge in such incredible times. For them, these babes are unattainable beauties, symbols of excess and pleasure far beyond their reach.

The High Life

In some respects, they’re not wrong. There’s certainly been a few big parties around bonus times, with loads of girls and booze and everything else that a gentleman might enjoy. Those events, those wild parties full of oysters Aldgate escorts and everything in between, are the exception. They’re rare, exceptionally so. Most bankers are chained to their desks, and only really get to go out on the weekends. They’re certainly not ogling beautiful women straddled across their desks on a regular basis. They’re more likely to see a balance sheet in front of them instead, or an order form. Hiring out bars for lavish parties is something that many of them will experience once or twice in their entire careers. It’s a shame in some senses: who wouldn’t want to see an Aldgate escort every day?

Fantasy vs Reality

The reality of the situation though, is that most companies don’t let their employees slack off in the office. Most of the Aldgate escorts you’ll set eyes on will be in the dimly lit, gold trimmed bars that surround the areas. The ones that barrel age cocktails and charge you £10 a pop for the privilege of drinking them. You know the type. What you might not have realised is that the stunning women who so often seem to beside the successful men drinking there after a long day are in fact escorts. Think about it: a man chained to his desk isn’t going to have much time to wine, dine and impress a stunner like that.

Spice Things Up

So they turn to us instead. As could you. The prices on these babes is surprisingly reasonable: we don’t charge any more for these girls than we do elsewhere, despite the affluence of the area. If you live or work here, and you want to enjoy some of the best girls that it has to offer, then there’s only one number you need to know. Call us, and we’ll sort you out with some of the very best Aldgate escorts, all for a price that even the smallest budget can afford. We could tell you more, speak about how amazing our ladies are or tell you how charming they can be but, honestly, a single night with one of these babes will say more than we ever could.