Avis Car Hire

Avis.co.uk Selection Avis offers a fine range of motor vehicles that will suit almost any need. If you need a rental in London, finding one from Avis should be a breeze. Those wanting a simple means of transportation can take an extremely fuel... Read more

Expedia Compare Car Hire in London

http://www.expedia.co.uk/Compare-Cheap-Car-Hire-In-London.d178279.Car-Hire-Guide Selection Ah Expedia. That giant of the travel industry, it’s the go to solution for most people when issues arise. The first choice for many, and the only one... Read more

londonpedicabs, leading pedicabs in London

http://www.londonpedicabs.com/ USPs In their own words, they are the greenest sustainable transport system in London. A noble aim, we’re sure that you can agree. Check their actual site though, and there is precious little evidence of it. They... Read more

EasyCar Club Social way to Hire

https://carclub.easycar.com/ Selection To best answer your queries about the availability at EasyCarClub, we need to explain the premise. You see, it’s founded on an idea that’s pretty out there when it comes to renting a car. There is no... Read more

boomerangrentals, rent or buy games online

http://www.boomerangrentals.co.uk/ Services It’s a way to rent the latest console games, without any stress or hassle. Simply tell them what you want, receive a package in the post, open it, play it, master it, return it and get another. All... Read more

Zoocars Car and Van Rentals

http://www.zoocars.co.uk/ Selection Surprisingly enough, ZOOCars actually has a pretty excellent selection. Their range is especially impressive when you consider that most independents tend to have less choice than big chains, but not here... Read more

Enterprise Car Rental

Enterprise.com Selection Offering only cars and other similarly sized vehicles, we have to be rather critical of Enterprise. If you’re looking for an all in one rental service, this is most definitely not it. If you’re only looking for a car... Read more

Kayak Cheap London Car Hire

http://www.kayak.co.uk/Cheap-London-Car-Hire.28501.cars.ksp Selection Where to start with this company, that is the question. The selection is probably their best area (this is not a good sign) so we had better go there before things get... Read more