Uber cheap,fast and reliable minicabs

https://www.uber.com/cities/london USPs The big bad of the taxi world, according to independents. The Imperial March from Star Wars might as well play when you open the app, or so they say. The reality is a distinctly difficult situation. On... Read more

gamefly, for umlimited games

http://www.gamefly.com/#!/ Services Once one of the UK’s leading games rentals sites, it’s recently undergone something of a transformation. The days of it offering every game under the sun are over: for various reasons they will no longer be... Read more

EasyCar Club Social way to Hire

https://carclub.easycar.com/ Selection To best answer your queries about the availability at EasyCarClub, we need to explain the premise. You see, it’s founded on an idea that’s pretty out there when it comes to renting a car. There is no... Read more

Europcar to Rent

Europcar.com Selection Europcar offers a fine selection of vehicles. There’s pretty much everything you could possibly want if you’re planning to rent a car in London. There’s even some luxury options, which is something that we normally find... Read more

radiotaxis the best way to get around London

http://www.radiotaxis.co.uk/ USPs Being the best way to get around London, supposedly. They highlight their punctuality, care and knowledge as the primary reasons why they trump every other service. It’s a bold claim to make, for sure, because... Read more

Film4od- Best Film Rental Service

film4od.film4.com   Well Known Name If you’re familiar with the name 4OD, you’ll no doubt realise that this service is one that’s part of a much bigger one. The name stands for 4 on demand, aka channel 4 on demand. The general service was... Read more

Rentalcars to search best car hire in London

http://www.rentalcars.com/en/city/gb/london/ Selection A very middle of the road affair. If you want it, they probably have it in some way or another. Think of them as the HMV of car rental. They have all the broad genres, they have a decent... Read more