easyroommate, easy way to post your room

http://uk.easyroommate.com/south-east/london-flatshare/listings/l USP Their ethics and well maintained site. They’re quite detailed about it in the pledge section of the site, and vow to do everything that they can to keep users happy. This... Read more

Netflix: watch films anytime, anywhere

Netflix.com Say the name Netflix and most people will know exactly what you mean. In many ways, it’s become the living embodiment of the service and now dominates the VoD market. Just as hoovers have become synonymous with vacuum cleaners and... Read more

Book minicab with Cabwise and stay safe

https://www.tfl.gov.uk/modes/taxis-and-minicabs/ USPs A service provided by TFL themselves, the idea here is simple. All minicabs need to be registered with this central body to ensure that they’re safe. It creates a chain of responsibility... Read more

paramountgamesrental, play more save more

http://www.paramountgamesrental.co.uk/ Services It’s all pretty standard: you tell them what game you want, they mail it to you, you play it, return it and get another one. Whilst hardly groundbreaking, it’s a system that works for that niche... Read more

Kayak Cheap London Car Hire

http://www.kayak.co.uk/Cheap-London-Car-Hire.28501.cars.ksp Selection Where to start with this company, that is the question. The selection is probably their best area (this is not a good sign) so we had better go there before things get... Read more

savills search for a better property

http://search.savills.com/list/property-to-rent/england/london USP They’re an enormous chain with serious spending power and a property portfolio that will make an oligarch feel bashful. In theory, their money, expertise and experience make... Read more

boomerangrentals, rent or buy games online

http://www.boomerangrentals.co.uk/ Services It’s a way to rent the latest console games, without any stress or hassle. Simply tell them what you want, receive a package in the post, open it, play it, master it, return it and get another. All... Read more