Avis Car Hire

Avis.co.uk Selection Avis offers a fine range of motor vehicles that will suit almost any need. If you need a rental in London, finding one from Avis should be a breeze. Those wanting a simple means of transportation can take an extremely fuel... Read more

easyroommate, easy way to post your room

http://uk.easyroommate.com/south-east/london-flatshare/listings/l USP Their ethics and well maintained site. They’re quite detailed about it in the pledge section of the site, and vow to do everything that they can to keep users happy. This... Read more

londonpedicabs, leading pedicabs in London

http://www.londonpedicabs.com/ USPs In their own words, they are the greenest sustainable transport system in London. A noble aim, we’re sure that you can agree. Check their actual site though, and there is precious little evidence of it. They... Read more

rightmove UK’s number one property site

http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property/London.html USP They act as a property portal for consumers. As with others in this niche, we admire that focus on serving the customer instead of the agent. In London, that’s a rare thing and one that is... Read more

Skyscanner the best world’s travel search engine

http://www.skyscanner.net/carhire/ Selection Describing itself as the “world’s search engine” it’s fair to say that we had high expectations of Skyscanner. It is, in plain terms, just an amalgamation service, a place that collects data about... Read more